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Paul Hynek

Paul Hynek is known in UFO circles as the son of renown astronomer, professor and UFOlogist, J. Allen Hynek. The senior Hynek, began as a skeptic, but dedicated his life to the research of UFOs and the people who claimed to see them. In his book, The Hynek UFO Report, (1977) he is quoted as saying, “The witnesses I interviewed could have been lying, could have been insane or could have been hallucinating collectively—but I do not think so.” UFO Books Press is proud to include Paul and his father’s work as part of our growing list of must reads.

However, Paul Hynek has distinguished himself in his own right. He has decades of successful experience in finance, technology, and entertainment.

UFO History

Timeline of Important Events

February 24, 1942
Battle of Los Angeles

Searchlights pick out an apparent flying saucer during a false-report “air raid.”

June 24, 1947
Kenneth Arnold UFO Sighting

Private pilot passing Mount Rainier in Washington State makes the first modern “flying saucer” report.

July 8, 1947
Roswell Incident

US Army Air Force announces discovery of flying saucer debris on a New Mexico ranch.

September 19,1961
Betty and Barney Hill

New Hampshire couple makes first widely publicized alien abduction report.

April 24, 1964
Socorro Incident

The New Mexico police officer sees suited figures take off in a white oval rocket-driven craft.

March 6, 1967
Malmstrom Missile Base Incident

Multiple missile silos in central Montana drop offline after a UFO is reported hovering over one.

December 29, 1980
Cash-Landrum Incident

Two Texas women near Houston encounter a low hovering UFO that rendezvouses with helicopters.

November 5, 1975
Travis Walton Abduction

Widely reported alien abduction of an Arizona forestry worker who was missing for five days.

November 17, 1986
Japan Airlines Flight 1628 Incident

Cargo jet flying over Alaska is shadowed for nearly an hour by multiple UFOs.

December 26 and 28, 1980
Rendlesham Forest Incident

Security patrols around an eastern UK airbase report UFOs, including an apparent landing.

March 13, 1997
Phoenix Lights

Mass, heavily publicized night time sightings of UFOs over Nevada, Arizona, and Sonora.

2004, 2014, 2015, 2019
US Navy Sightings

Cockpit instruments on fighter jets from the USS Nimitz and the USS Theodore Roosevelt record UFOs.

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